Thank you 2014 and welcome 2015

As here in Singapore we enter into year 2015, I must stop myself for a minute to look back into 2014.

Year 2014! As, it started, it was a mess for me. My worst nightmare! I was doing worse financially and emotionally, but yet was just a father third time. Honey! My third child! A pinch of luck and hope for me! She turned on all of my emotions and gave me the strength to fight back.

As the year slowly passed by, the pinch of luck and my little hope, started turning the nightmare into pleasant dream by transforming myself into a person for whom the life is no more a child’s play. First time in my life I started realizing that life is a serious matter and when it comes to a serious matter, it really matters to me, so I stood up against all the odds and started facing my fears like a person should. This eventually resulted into Davinciz, a platform from where all of us can share our creativity with the rest of the world.

Davinciz is just a baby on mother feed right now, but trust me, mother feed is the best food for babies. It will take it’s time to crawl, walk and then run, but eventually that will happen in time.

I must thank everyone for the love and support I am getting just after the few weeks of launch. Stay blessed and a very warm wishes of the new year.

In the end, I must thank the year 2014.

Thank you 2014, if there is no year 2014 in my life, I am not mature enough to take the life as LIFE.


December 31, 2014

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