First Blog – An introduction

Born with a pinch of creative instinct, I am Waheed Akhtar Wahid. I am currently working in Singapore as Lead Software Programmer. I am also a special effects artist, poet and fiction writer.

Being from software development background, I always prefer to do the things simple way. Keeping the workflow simple is an art and it helps to understand and master new techniques at a fast pace.

Davinciz is an effort to help young artists to do the things easy way. Here we will simplify complex FX workflows. We are also aiming to produce new tool sets and assets which will help to boost and speed up the creativity. At Davinciz, our main area of focus is After Effects, Element 3D, 3DS Max and Cinema 4D.

Please feel free to browse through the tutorial and product library as it grows and help giving your feedback. Your feedback is really important for me to improve Davinciz.

November 6, 2014

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