Davinciz – Before the idea itself

I have a habit to register interesting domain names that I find available. Every year I register 2 or 3 new domain names and let go the next year if I can’t convert those to something impressive. Until the last year the rate of “Letting-Go” the domain names was 100%. A waste of 50 bucks every year which could have bought me few extra Starbuck coffees every year.

Anyways, I don’t like Starbucks coffee, so it was not a bad idea to waste money.

After watching the movie Delivery Man, I realized why i don’t like Starbucks. The movie was a remake of Starbuck, a Canadian comedy film from 2011, directed by Ken Scott and written by Scott and Martin Petit.

The habit of saving from Starbucks and spending on domain names, caused me to buy last year. I bought the domain and put it to a sleep with my other domains. Fantastic! that saved me few more bucks from Starbucks coffee.

Last summer, when I was working on a personal film project, which was an animated short, I got into a need of a bunch of landscapes. After Effects, being the center of my creativity, was the primary tool for that animated short. I started looking for some landscaping ideas around the same lines aiming for a quick possible solution. In search of that “Quick Solution”, I missed my personal deadline for that project. Good enough!

I always believed that bad things happen for good reason, so this time missing my own deadline lead me to create the landscapes myself. The idea eventually evolved into Ultimate Landscape Pack vol. 1 and helped to set the base of Davinciz. I hope you guys will enjoy using this cool 3D Pack which has more than 100 unique landscape models. You can scale, rotate and duplicate these models to create infinite landscapes.

This pack is compatible with Element 3D, 3DS Max, Maya, Cinema 4D and Blender.

Either you feel happy or sad about Davinciz and it’s products, just leave your comments. Your feedback is important to improve our efforts to come up with better ideas.


December 16, 2014

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